About the Africa Games and Digital Applications Conference

To realise the President’s vision to cultivate and grow the gaming and applications development market in the region, we are proud to announce the launch of the Africa Games and Digital Applications Conference and Exhibition.

The goal of this unique event is to:

  1. Form a strategic platform for government entities from across the continent to engage with the industry
  2. Provide an all-encompassing experience for the developer to understand the potential of this exciting sector

The event will be associated and co-located with the wildly popular Insomnia Egypt Gaming Festival which launched in October 2018 with an overwhelming success. In its own right, Insomnia UK (the parent event of Insomnia Egypt) is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe which adds to this being the perfect place and time for this launch.

For the developer section, this will be targeted to developers across a range of disciplines and experience.


The conference itself will be created with 2 distinct objectives in mind:

Strategy formulation for government and industry

Day 1 will provide a strategic look at the promise that this market holds particularly in the upliftment of the region. The day will serve as an introduction to the industry for government and industry professionals wanting to understand where the sector is heading. The day will be divided into the following sessions:

  • OPENING CEREMONY: Welcome and introduction by key stakeholders of the Africa Games and Digital Applications Development Initiatives. Discussion will revolve around the vision and mission of this initiative and set specific goals for its development.
  • REGIONAL FLAVOUR AND INDUSTRY BEST PRACTICE: An overview of regional specific elements to consider when developing games and apps while taking into consideration cultural and ethnic factors within the region. The session will then move onto development strategies focussed on cross platform development to ensure a wider reach for a product. Lastly, the user experience will be covered by highlighting practices to identify the target audience and to engage and sustain interest.
  • BUSINESS TACTICS IN GAMING AND APP DEVELOPMENT: An essential part of any industry is the ability to run an effective, profitable business. The session will endeavour to elaborate on key business areas where attention must be given to ultimately achieve success. These will include partner engagement, community management and building loyalty and general business and marketing tactics that will enrich the company.

Developing the developer:

Days 2 and 3 will be crafted with the developer in mind, providing workshops, panel discussions and talks on a wide variety of topics. Areas of interest will include:

  • Design
  • Programming
  • Visual Arts
  • Audio
  • Advocacy
  • AI
  • VR / AR
  • Business & Marketing


Speakers will be announced soon; if you or your company are interested in submitting a paper or workshop idea for consideration, please contact:

Hejke Coetzee
Head of Production
+44 203 328 6520

Who attends

The strategic section of the conference programme will attract senior government officials within the communications and IT industries from across Africa. It will also give senior management within the following industries a chance to assess where Africa is heading in these fields and where and how the opportunities can be realized:

  • IT
  • Telecommunications
  • App/Game developers
  • Publishers
  • Content creators
  • Content distributors
  • eSports platforms

Entry to the conference is completely free of charge and gives you access to the different conference sessions.