One-to-one meetings by MeetToMatch – Premium matchmaking service

MeetToMatch is the most effective way to do business at events. This premium matchmaking service is aimed at meeting potential business partners by choice rather than chance. It is much more than just a meeting application: you get a personal matchmaker assigned to you to help you out with all your questions and help you manage your meeting requests. 

How does MeetToMatch work?
After you receive a confirmation of your registration to The Africa Games and Digital Applications Conference and Exhibition (AGDA), an account is created for you on MeetToMatch, and you will receive a separate email from MeetToMatch with your login details. Also a personal matchmaker is assigned to you. This matchmaker will guide you through the process with the aim of getting you only the most relevant meetings The meeting manager is user-friendly and does not require much explanation. Just log-in, complete your profile and start using it intuitively. Use the meeting manager to find potential business partners and set-up appointments. You can instantly see who is available at what timeslot, so you only have to make an attractive introduction through the meeting manager.
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