About the Africa Games and Digital Applications Seminars

The material to be covered in the seminar series will include specific courses to benefit junior, intermediate and advanced levels of developer. It will also feature key government and industry entities sharing their vision for the market in Egypt. 

The full series of seminars with dates and timings will be released closer to the time, but an initial idea of what we hope to create is as follows (please note that the content might be amended depending on the material that the presenters would like to share):

Industry Perspectives

An overview of the developers market in Egypt together with groundbreaking initiatives pushed by the government to develop exceptional talent in this field
The future of gaming and app development and which areas and technologies to get excited about

For Junior Developers

Gaming Workshop – Creating game basics

  • Interface basics
  • Still life to movement
  • Scripting

App Workshop – App development for beginners; The fundamental concepts in programming languages

  • Programming basics
  • Functions and logical operators
  • Types and type checking

For Intermediate Developers

Gaming Workshop – Programming (Workshop/Tutorial ideas: Math for Game Developers; Advanced Graphics Techniques)

  • The latest programming skills and techniques to develop games across platforms including consoles, mobile, PC’s, virtual reality and more
  • The demand for high production value in games continues to increase with tools, middleware, and technical skills required to solve difficult development problems

App Workshop – Apps in the Background

  • Ensuring your app does not fall foul of the system watchdog
  • Common pitfalls of background execution
  • Avoid exceeding system resources by applying best practices
  • How to optimize network requests when your app is not in the foreground

For Professional Developers

Gaming Workshop – Design (Game Design; Level Design)

  • Create compelling interactions with realistic physics, facial expressions, and lighting
  • Generating ideas for new games and tips to push a project forward
  • How to understand and tune the interactions of an ever increasing number of tools, systems, and techniques required to design great games

App Workshop – Styles and Theming

  • Simplify the styling of the title of dialogs throughout your app
  • Avoid writing custom components just to achieve pixel perfection
  • Learn about the difference between themes and styles, the hierarchy of different styling techniques and how to use them effectively
  • Discussing the newest app theme in town – the Material Components Theme and the attributes that come with it